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Bona Fide Organics
Organic Daylily Suppliers
Certified organic daylilies,  and daylilies grown without synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers but not certified organic, are available in a delightful choice of varieties from a small number of nurseries and distributors. Some of the growers listed here offer an amazing number of daylilies, in a wide range of colors, bloom times and sizes. Bloomingfields Farm's daylilies are all certified organic.

I recommend browsing through all of the sites listed below, as each nursery and grower offers a different selection of plants.
Daylily Bloomingfields Farm
  • Product:  Daylilies, certified organic, many varieties available in a rainbow of colors, heights and blooming period, grown outdoors
  • Website:  http://www.bloomingfieldsfarm.com
  • Postal Address:  9 Route 55, Gaylordsville CT 06755
  • Phone:  (860) 354-6951
  • Email:  daylily@snet.net
Daylily Olallie Daylily Gardens
  • Product:  Daylilies, grown without synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers but not certified organic, over 1000 varieties from the collection of Dr. George Darrow
  • Website:  http://www.daylilygarden.com
  • Postal Address:  129 Augur Hole Rd., South Newfane VT 05351
  • Phone:  (802) 348-6614, Fax: (802) 348-9881
  • Email:  info@daylilygarden.com
Daylily Slate Hill Farm Daylilies
  • Product:  Daylilies, grown without synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers but not certified organic
  • Website:  http://www.slatehillfarm.com
  • Postal Address:  Craig & Mary Barnes, P.O. Box 773, Salem, New York 12865
  • Phone:  (518) 854-7460; Fax: (508) 693-3276
  • Email:  slatehillfarm@verizon.net

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While care has been taken to ensure the correctness of this information, I cannot take responsibility for errors or omissions. The presence of a nursery or supplier in the above list does not mean or guarantee that all (or any) of their seeds or plants or other products are certified organic or grown without synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Always ask a nursery or grower for certification status and any other relevant information regarding their product.

The images used on this website are not intended to represent plants available from any of nursery or supplier.

This web site contains information gathered and posted by the owner, Judy Stouffer, who has no responsibility or liability for any problems arising from or out of its use. The data is provided for information purposes only. I have no affiliation with any of the companies listed here, nor am I a supplier or reseller of any products. I'm just a gardener interested in promoting sustainable and organic gardening and agriculture.

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