Arctic Blast

I was hoping for a mild winter.
Yeah. Right.
This is what greeted me from the Weather Service when I checked the NOAA website this morning:
21 Below Zero--what the ...?

“Another arctic blast is expected to move across the area late on Sunday … with the coldest temperatures expected Monday into Tuesday. At this time … it appears this arctic blast may be one of the most severe since the arctic outbreak of February 1996. The combination of the frigid air and persistent 10 to 20 mph winds will cause dangerously low wind chill readings in the 30 below to 50 below zero range at times Sunday night into Tuesday. Wind chill readings this low can cause frostbite within 15 minutes. Wind chill warnings will be likely needed Sunday night into Tuesday.”

The high — the high — on Monday will be -14F … fourteen degrees below zero … with a low of -21F.
That’s nuts.
The black bears that disappear into caves every autumn to snooze until spring have it right.
Winter is for hibernation.
Black Bears got it right--sleep through the winter!(Bear Photo by Greg Hume)

Poking Around Under The Hood

Doing some changes under the hood to the code and layout. If things appear wonky off and on for the next several days, that’s probably why.

We’ve had 14.5″ of snow since last night.

Fourteen and a half. Inches. Of. Snow.

The local Fox TV meteorologist says that it’s the seventh largest snowfall recorded for a 24-hour period since the State started keeping records. It’s a bit… much… even for us.

The wind was incredible, too, so we have some amazing drifts, a few more than three feet high.

Right now, Michael is testing out our new snow thrower, creating a path for the bunnies to get around the yard more easily to get to his shop. It’s a powerful but small electric model that is a replacement of the one we bought last year. That one had a factory defect, which made it eat its own drive-belts like candy. We finally boxed the thing up after repeatedly fixing it, shipped it to the manufacturer and asked for a new one. Within two business days we had a brand-spanking new replacement in our frustrated paws. That’s my idea of how customer service should resolve legitimate problems with defective items!

We filled the feeders before the storm hit, and I’m glad we managed to get that done. We had a rush of cardinals as evening set in, looking for dinner. They’re the first birds I’ve seen all day, as the heavy snow and winds have sent all the wildlife into deep cover.

One thing this storm has done: I always want a white Christmas, even if it’s only an inch or two of snow. It just makes it seem like “Christmas,” somehow, to have snow.

After today, I think that’s covered, for this year at least!

Batten Down The Hatches!

NOAA’s predictions are for a “milder than normal” winter here.

December 8, 2009 Blizzard Warning from NOAA

Yeah. Right.

Welcome to Winter 2009-2010.

On to life in general…

Posting has been patchy to non-existent here for too long. My apologies. Life happens.

I’ll go back to more posting when the needs of daily living take up a tad less than 110% of my time and energy.

Being disabled sucks.

‘Nuff said about ‘dat.

Bunnies are fat, furry and fine, btw. And totally put out at all this white stuff.

All together now: awwwwwwwwww, poor bunnies!