Poking Around Under The Hood

Doing some changes under the hood to the code and layout. If things appear wonky off and on for the next several days, that’s probably why.

We’ve had 14.5″ of snow since last night.

Fourteen and a half. Inches. Of. Snow.

The local Fox TV meteorologist says that it’s the seventh largest snowfall recorded for a 24-hour period since the State started keeping records. It’s a bit… much… even for us.

The wind was incredible, too, so we have some amazing drifts, a few more than three feet high.

Right now, Michael is testing out our new snow thrower, creating a path for the bunnies to get around the yard more easily to get to his shop. It’s a powerful but small electric model that is a replacement of the one we bought last year. That one had a factory defect, which made it eat its own drive-belts like candy. We finally boxed the thing up after repeatedly fixing it, shipped it to the manufacturer and asked for a new one. Within two business days we had a brand-spanking new replacement in our frustrated paws. That’s my idea of how customer service should resolve legitimate problems with defective items!

We filled the feeders before the storm hit, and I’m glad we managed to get that done. We had a rush of cardinals as evening set in, looking for dinner. They’re the first birds I’ve seen all day, as the heavy snow and winds have sent all the wildlife into deep cover.

One thing this storm has done: I always want a white Christmas, even if it’s only an inch or two of snow. It just makes it seem like “Christmas,” somehow, to have snow.

After today, I think that’s covered, for this year at least!

It’s A Record!

Last week we passed the all time record for total snowfall in northeast Wisconsin for the month of December.

Like this was a record we wanted to break?

Michael was kind enough to pause whilst shoveling out our front sidewalk so I could take a photo out the window to show you just how deep the snow is piled in our front yard.

 Northeast Wisconsin December 2008 snowfall total hits record amount.

Mind you, Oh Best Beloved, that this photo was taken only four days after the official start of winter… January and February are when we really get pounded.


Good Morning, Wisconsin!

Snow covers every tree branch, every twig, in a white wonderland.

This was the scene looking out of our front window yesterday morning. It might say “autumn” on the calendars, but around here winter has settled in to stay. Last year was our third snowiest here in northeast Wisconsin ever since the National Weather Service started keeping records. We had around 87 inches of snow. But, hey, records are made to be broken… we’ve already had twice as much snow this year as had fallen last year by this date.

Couldn’t we do something different this year and break the record for, say, warmest winter?


I’m guessing not.

Snowbound winter backyard.

This is what our back yard looks like now. That’s a lotta snow for this early in the winter. The large black and white blob in the center of the yard, btw, is a gorgeous loon windspinner that Michael gave me for my birthday this year. Besides being fun to watch, Loony is a great wind vane, moving to face into the wind with the slightest breeze.

James the Bunny (son of Stewart) has become our yard bunny for the winter. Stewart moved across the street this summer and Petunia also found new digs. James was my constant companion for the second half of the summer and early autumn, hopping about very happily when I was in the yard. He’s now become quite curious about Michael’s comings and goings between the yard and his workshop, to the point where Michael has to be careful to not step on him.

One of these days Michael will hear a soft tapping on his shop door… and when he opens it James will blithely hop in and claim a spot right in front of the heater where he can warm his toes and ears.

If he asks for a glass of carrot juice, that’s where we’re drawing the line.

Where’s The Off Switch?

Jack Frost Strikes Again

It’s finally stopped snowing here. For now, at least. Which of course means that it’s time for the temperatures to plummet back again well below zero. That means that Jack Frost was back, painting my window again, with a delicate pattern of ice ferns.

Michael the Snow Gauge

Using Michael (once again) as my measuring gauge, I snapped this shot so you can compare it to the photo in my the last entry. As he finished digging out the driveway, Michael told me, “We have to put this weather on a diet!”

I’ll second that.

We’ve had significant snowfalls some years as late as May, however, so we’re not counting on this winter ending any time soon.

Digging A Path To The Feeders

Since mid-January, Michael’s been refilling feeders every week, although in past winters we’ve never had to put out seed more than once or twice a month. The snow is so deep that he’s kept a pathway shoveled out to the feeders. After this latest snowfall, he gave up on shoveling and instead fired up our little electric snow-broom to clear it out.

Stewart the Bunny's Pawprints

Stewart the Bunny is doing fine, even with the deep snow. He views it as his nightly duty to vacuum up all the seed that’s been spilled during the day from the feeders. He has kept himself safe by snuggling into the warmest, most protected place in “his” yard he can find. Lately, that’s been a little snow cave dug out underneath a drift that the weather and wind created next to our back door. I never would have discovered his hidey hole if he hadn’t left such a perfect set of paw prints that led to the spot!