Oh, yeah!

Lop-earred Bunny Statue

Woot! Woot! Kris, me n’ the bunnies are sending a salute to you!

After you told me about bracketing, I went spelunking through my 200 page camera manual and found this:

Bracketing Option paragraph for HP-R817

It lets me automatically push the exposure in several different ways on its own, and combines with other pre-set or manual options.

Oh, yeah.

Thank you, Kris!

(The little bunny pictured, btw, lives in one of my flower beds – she was a gift from Michael. She’s the only bunny in our yard that doesn’t eat my flowers!)

The Gift of the Deer

Four Deer Framed By Light and Shadows

Last Sunday we were in just the right place to see three separate deer herds quietly came out from hiding to graze. As they emerged, the setting sun bathed the deer in liquid gold.

Two Deer Framed By A Tree Made of Light

Even the bare trees filled with light, as if glowing from within.

Deer Bathed in Golden Sunlight

The land around us became a living tapestry, with no sound except that of the wind.

Deer Under Pine

I wish each of you, Oh Best Beloved, moments like these.

Jack Frost Pays A Visit

A while back one of our windows developed an airleak that allows warm moist air to escape from our abode and collect on the inside of its storm window. Having spent numerous hours eying the window’s seals to find and fix said leak, it seems there is no way to stop the leak without sealing the window shut, or replacing the entire window.

That’s not gonna happen. Time wasted fussing over such a small item, in the grand scheme of what Michael and I face every day dealing with my rather intractable health issues, is time better spent on the bigger fish we have to fry.


I’ve decided to make lemonade from this lemon (Hi, Laurie!) and simply enjoy the sight of the spectacular frost swirls that develop on the storm whenever the outdoor temperatures dip below zero.

Here’s a sample.

Frost whirls 1

Frost whorls 2

Frost Swirls 3

Frost swirls 4

Frost swirls 5

Frost swirls 6

Why Wisconsin?

Most Sundays, Michael takes me out for a ride to some spot where we can quietly enjoy the glorious countryside that is all around us. I thought you might want to see some of my favorite shots of what we’ve seen this year.

Lodgepole Pines

These lodge-pole pines tower several stories above the earth, each as straight as the next, with a thick carpet of sweet smelling needles underneath them. When I snapped this shot, a family of coyotes had just finished serenading us from a nearby spot.

Blue Heron at Dusk

We were watching twilight darken into night last week, at a nearby marina, when this blue heron flew past us, then settled in for the night. Before moving to Wisconsin, the majority of birds I noticed were house sparrows, and city pigeons. Living here, we regularly see scores of different species of birds, from tiny hummers to majestic bald eagles and even, on one memorable occasion, five of the extraordinarily rare and magnificent whooping cranes.

Lodgepole Pines

This is one of our favorite spots to watch sunsets, at the edge of a nearby lake. During the summer, we sometimes see lake sturgeon come to the surface, always a surprising sight as these fish are up to five feet in length.

Many of our friends and family have asked us why we moved, over twenty years ago, from one of the largest metropolitan areas of the country to a ‘backwater’ state, and into a small village to boot. “What’s there?” we’re asked. “Don’t you get bored?”

Bored? Surrounded by this?