Where’s The Off Switch?

Jack Frost Strikes Again

It’s finally stopped snowing here. For now, at least. Which of course means that it’s time for the temperatures to plummet back again well below zero. That means that Jack Frost was back, painting my window again, with a delicate pattern of ice ferns.

Michael the Snow Gauge

Using Michael (once again) as my measuring gauge, I snapped this shot so you can compare it to the photo in my the last entry. As he finished digging out the driveway, Michael told me, “We have to put this weather on a diet!”

I’ll second that.

We’ve had significant snowfalls some years as late as May, however, so we’re not counting on this winter ending any time soon.

Digging A Path To The Feeders

Since mid-January, Michael’s been refilling feeders every week, although in past winters we’ve never had to put out seed more than once or twice a month. The snow is so deep that he’s kept a pathway shoveled out to the feeders. After this latest snowfall, he gave up on shoveling and instead fired up our little electric snow-broom to clear it out.

Stewart the Bunny's Pawprints

Stewart the Bunny is doing fine, even with the deep snow. He views it as his nightly duty to vacuum up all the seed that’s been spilled during the day from the feeders. He has kept himself safe by snuggling into the warmest, most protected place in “his” yard he can find. Lately, that’s been a little snow cave dug out underneath a drift that the weather and wind created next to our back door. I never would have discovered his hidey hole if he hadn’t left such a perfect set of paw prints that led to the spot!

Groundhog Stew

Wisconsin's Winter Beauty

The storms here have left us with stunningly beautiful surroundings.

Road report showing hazardous conditions across WI interstate system

This beauty, however, comes with a cost. Our roads have been terribly dangerous – and it’s still snowing.

Michael standing next to a snow pile that is four feet tall

We have so much snow that it’s piled up taller than me in places. I asked Michael to let me share a few shots of him standing in our driveway, to give you, Oh Best Beloved, some perspective on how deep the snow really is.

Shovelling - Wisconsin's State Passtime

I took these shots before yesterday’s storm, which dumped another 6″ to 12″ along with a thick coating of ice.

So what does this have to do with groundhog stew?

Well… I’m lookin’ to find me a certain groundhog and whip up a pot o’ stew ’cause the way I see it: our snow is that fat waddling rodent’s fault. He’s the one who stuck us with more winter.

Anybody have a recipe? Stew? Heck, I’ll even take a recipe for groundhog pot roast, with gravy and all the fixins.

And yes, before anyone protests, I do think groundhogs are cute critters and (inserting usual disclaimer) I would never really harm a little tiny hair on Punxsutawney Phil’s fuzzy little head. Honest.

But… could you pass the gravy, please?

Jack Frost Pays A Visit

A while back one of our windows developed an airleak that allows warm moist air to escape from our abode and collect on the inside of its storm window. Having spent numerous hours eying the window’s seals to find and fix said leak, it seems there is no way to stop the leak without sealing the window shut, or replacing the entire window.

That’s not gonna happen. Time wasted fussing over such a small item, in the grand scheme of what Michael and I face every day dealing with my rather intractable health issues, is time better spent on the bigger fish we have to fry.


I’ve decided to make lemonade from this lemon (Hi, Laurie!) and simply enjoy the sight of the spectacular frost swirls that develop on the storm whenever the outdoor temperatures dip below zero.

Here’s a sample.

Frost whirls 1

Frost whorls 2

Frost Swirls 3

Frost swirls 4

Frost swirls 5

Frost swirls 6