The Adorable Mr. Awesome!

Mr. Awesome the Adorable Cottontail Baby Rabbit

He’s made it all the way! Here’s Mr. Awesome, all fluffy and furred and happily munching down some mighty tasty weeds. I can’t thank wildlife rehabber Rebekah Weiss enough for her expert and dedicated care that’s led to this happy success.

In my (admittedly) biased opinion, he’s still the cutest little cottontail baby bunny we’ve ever seen, although his adopted littermates are totally adorable too.

Mr. Awesome and siblings, one adorable Cottontail Baby Rabbit Family

Here’s the blended family, including Mr. Awesome and his adopted siblings, all the same age and all raised by Beka at Aves Wildlife Alliance wildlife hospital. Mr. A’s two little baby bunny siblings were rescued and brought to Aves the same week as Mr. Awesome, and are the same age. So, Beka raised them together as a bunny family. Boy, don’t they look happy and healthy?

I can’t stop grinning.

Mr. Awesome's siblings, adorable Cottontail Baby Bunny Rabbits

Here’s one more shot of the sibs.

The photos, btw, were all taken at Aves by Jill Wilke, and are shared here by permission (copyright © 2010 Jill Wilke). Thank you, Jill, for letting us use them. We really appreciate it!

Mr. Awesome and his sibs will released shortly to a three acre site that is a pesticide free zone (no nasty lawn chemicals). They are all about 200 grams each, and, as you can see, doing really well.

If you’d like to help out Aves Wildlife Center, you can contact them through their site. Donations are welcome and used to cover the expenses of caring for orphaned and injured wildlife of all kinds. Go on — skip the lattes for a month and help raise a baby rabbit or rehabilitate a redtail hawk that survived a too-close encounter with a car. Every penny helps!

And again, thank you Beka. The work you do is, well, awesome!

Who’s On First?

In the universe of Bad Karma, I’m apparently near the front of the “let’s make life a little more nasty than nice” line. I really did hope to start blogging regularly again. Unfortunately, that requires both a working computer and a working ISP. Since last Friday, both of our computers have been wonky, and both of our ISPs have been mostly down.

I’m viewing it as just another example of How The Universe Enjoys Picking On Me.


In hopes that both problems are now resolved to the point of limping along, I thought I’d give a bunny update.

BB the Bunny

BB is not only fine, she’s grown into a favorite of mine. She’s definitely from Stewart’s lineage: slightly smaller than average, with the patchy coloration from his line and quirky as can be. She also is easy to pick out from the horde (yes, we have a horde of bunnies–which is somewhat more than a litter and somewhat less than a thundering herd) as she has a little white crescent-shaped mark on her forehead. We’ve noticed that many of our bunnies have this as babies, but BB is the only one who hasn’t had hers shed out as she grew.

Michael asked me last week if perhaps Stewart had passed along a gene for “overly friendly wild bunny” to his descendents. I’m thinking maybe so…

Our bunnies are typical wild bunnies around neighbors and strangers that come into our yard, but are perfectly happy to hop all around us, to the point where we really do have to shoo them out of the way when we are doing things.

I told BB last week, when I was poking around under our spruce tree and she appeared, that she was supposed to hop away from the scary humans when they were doing something in the yard, not to hop TO me to investigate what I am doing. She yawned.


Then she proceeded to groom herself and finally hopped away several moments later to nibble on a patch of late clover.

Newest Young Bunny

We’ve had several other batches of bunnies arrive, and one of the latest also has the “friendly” gene in spades. I’ve named him “Dude,” as he is the most laid-back yard bunny to date. He’s so reluctant to move from “his” spot when I come across him that I’ve actually had to reach down and threaten to nudge his little rump to get him out of the way. As he hops off, he clearly slings over his shoulder, “Hey, Dude, what’s the deal? That was my spot!” Hence, his name.

We have one other, of the five originally in BB’s litter, who has also remained with us. We call her “Snug” as she likes to snuggle herself down into the grass. She has “radar” ears that are constantly moving from one direction to another, and has a particular fondness for Michael. She will sit on the stoop of his shop when he’s inside it, or snuggle down in the pathway from the house to the shop, wait there and then refuse to move when he appears. Me she just tolerates.

Most of the other bunnies from this year’s crop have hopped to other abodes, or been lost to predators when they made mistakes that left them vulnerable. If they hadn’t, we would be awash in bunnies by this point!

In terms of other regulars for this summer, we’ve had a redtail hawk that checks out the yard regularly, to the great consternation of the furry folk and the songbirds. We also have a Coopers hawk that flies through the yard at about shoulder height, scaring the bejabbers out of me every single time, and has even roosted on the back of one of our lawn chairs. The great horned owls are back, too, giving concerts, and with the oncoming winter I see bald eagles often.

And lest I forget to mention them, the Canada geese are starting to fly through in flocks that number in the hundreds, landing on the river to form gatherings of thousands of geese nightly. Two days ago a small flock flew so close to the house that I could hear the beat of their wings, and see individual feathers.

Oh, and one other thing… it’s already been snowing. Hasn’t stuck, yet, but it’s truly snowed–several times now.

That doesn’t bode well for a nice easy winter.

Look At The Tiny Nibbler!

Tiny Baby Rabbit

I can’t believe how tiny this baby bunny is!

And I can’t believe that I said it was OK for my neighbor, Dan, to put Little Baby Rabbit in my yard… because it’s not like we don’t have enough rabbits. In just one patch of our (rather small) front yard last night we had four adult rabbits happily chomping on clover.

Tiny Baby Bunny

How could I say no? He’s adorable. And he needed sanctuary. Who could resist? I mean – just take a look. See that heart-shaped leaf in the upper left hand side of the image? It’s a cloverleaf violet. Now, think about how big a cloverleaf violet’s leaf is. Not very big. So, compare the size of the cloverleaf violet to the size of the bunny, and you’ll get an idea of just how teeny tiny Little Baby Rabbit is! (update: major brain fart in original post – kept thinking violet and writing cloverleaf. At 94F, it’s obviously way too hot for a brain that’s accustomed to -10F to function reliably.)

I know, I know. Baby Bunny is going to grow up fat and sassy from eating my flowers. But it needed a new home, as this little cutie had been discovered by Rudy. A very fast-acting Dan literally pulled it from within Rudy’s jaws. Poor Rudy! You could see him going, “Wadda ya mean, drop it! Dad! I’m a dog! I’m supposed to catch rabbits, right? No way am I gonna drop it. Right? Right? Oh. Wrong. Dang.”

The bunny was fine when Dan got it, which is amazing because this is one little bunny and Rudy is one big dog. After it got over its fright, it was hopping around with nary a problem and… yes… inspecting the yummy flowers. So when Dan asked, what were my options? Give BB a home or… um, well, what options? I mean, just look at those tiny bitty ears! Is there anything cuter than a bitty bunny and its little bitty ears?


I’m a softie. I admit it. Next thing you know, I’ll be planting carrots. For them.

One Year!

What better way to celebrate an anniversary than with a candle that's a mouse?

This week marks Butter Side Down’s first anniversary.

Since last December, over 20,000 folks have stopped by to visit, meet Stewart and the rest of the bunnies, walk through the gardens, listen to the owls and read my nattering.

It’s an honor to share this little corner of cyberspace space with you, Oh Best Beloved.

May the coming year be filled with good times, good friends and of course…

Tiny baby bunny - that wee baby rabbit once again!

Baby bunnies!

(mouse candle photo courtesy of Wikipedia commons)