One Year!

What better way to celebrate an anniversary than with a candle that's a mouse?

This week marks Butter Side Down’s first anniversary.

Since last December, over 20,000 folks have stopped by to visit, meet Stewart and the rest of the bunnies, walk through the gardens, listen to the owls and read my nattering.

It’s an honor to share this little corner of cyberspace space with you, Oh Best Beloved.

May the coming year be filled with good times, good friends and of course…

Tiny baby bunny - that wee baby rabbit once again!

Baby bunnies!

(mouse candle photo courtesy of Wikipedia commons)

They’re Baaaaack….

Jaws the Mousetrap

I’ve been wondering lately if a somewhat-worse-for-wear set of slightly flattened field mice would sell on eBay.


We’ve had a cold snap, so the field mice are scurrying about looking for nice toasty places to plant their rumps and whiskers for another long winter. It doesn’t matter how tight your house is, how well sealed your food stores – not to Peromyscus maniculatus. Just last week I discovered that a very determined field mouse had chewed its way through our cinderblock foundation to get from the garage into the basement.

That made me a tad… cross.

The traps came out.

Eight mice in the last seven days have had a rather abrupt end to their home hunting endeavors.

I can hear another one scurrying about in the storage room as I write this–


Make that nine mice, in seven days.

Hmm. About eBaying those mice? I’d better make it a dutch auction.