Personal trivia, in no particular order:

1. I love cherry jam. Not that sickly sweet insipid jellied syrup that masquerades as jam, but the stuff that’s 99% tart cherries you picked off your own trees and simmered to perfection with just a tad of sugar and pectin.

2. I am a mouse magnet. Not to any particular mouse, mind you – only to field mice in general. Just lucky, I guess.

3. I firmly believe that specialization is for insects. Thank you for understanding, Mr. Heinlein.

4. Forty pounds of weighted custom-made velvet finery worn on a 97F afternoon whilst riding aside on a fine horse beats a sauna hands down every time for weight loss and dehydration.

5. Five different times I’ve been inside a house when it was struck by lighting. No, that does not explain everything…