Red Admiral Butterfly on Boltonia against blue sky

This gorgeous red admiral butterfly couldn’t get enough of the boltonia flowers that have taken over my sunlight garden bed. Between the drought, and a plague of voles, I’m happy I’ve got anything left. If it’s something that attracts butterflies, so much the better. I’ve seen several of the red admirals this last week, as well as lots of smaller butterflies that flit about too much for me to get good photos.

Over the years I’ve tried growing many types of flowers that are supposed to attract butterflies, but it’s the boltonia that they love. Butterfly bushes bring in the butterflies by the dozens as well, but I’ve only ever had one butterfly bush survive our winters, even after mulching each with a foot of leaves. I know some people grow those as annuals, but the summers here are usually too short to do that successfully either.

So here’s to boltonias–and butterflies!


Grumps, aka Bunny with a 'tude

Yeah, OK, I fell off the face of the earth. Or something. Picture me as having taken a sabbatical with my kindred spirit Grumps (above), looking out, well, grumpily, at the world from my little cubbyhole. But now I’m back, bunnies in tow.

The site is dusted off and spruced up a tad. I’ve started tweeting as well (check out my tweets via the link on the sidebar) and I’ve got a year’s backlog of photos to share.

We’re off and running!