God Bless America!

God Bless America!

Osama Bin Laden is dead. This is one American citizen who gives heartfelt thanks, especially to our military personnel for all they’ve done to bring us to this day.

“Rely not on your wealth;
say not: “I have the power.”
Rely not on your strength
in following the desires of your heart.
Say not: “Who can prevail against me?”
or, “Who will subdue me for my deeds?”
for God will surely exact the punishment.
Say not: “I have sinned, yet what has befallen me?”
for the Most High bides his time.
Of forgiveness be not overconfident,
adding sin upon sin.
Say not: “Great is his mercy;
my many sins he will forgive.”
For mercy and anger alike are with him;
upon the wicked alights his wrath.
Delay not your conversion to the LORD,
put it not off from day to day.
For suddenly his wrath flames forth;
at the time of vengeance you will be destroyed.
Rely not upon deceitful wrath,
for it will be no help on the day of wrath.
–Sirach 5:1-8

May 6, 2011 is Lawn Pesticide Awareness Day

When are the citizens of the USA going to wake up to the fact that the pesticides used on our yards and gardens are poisons?

God Bless Canadian physician Dr. Irwin for her 20+ years of advocacy against these toxic chemicals. Because of the actions set in place by her personal activism, determination and downright refusal to be ignored or bullied, over 80% of Canadian residents are now protected by bans on residential pesticide application.

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