Turkey in the… Park?

Wild Turkey Hen

This, Oh Best Beloved, for those who have never seen a turkey lest it was frozen and in plastic wrap, or nicely roasted and waiting on a Thanksgiving table, is a wild hen turkey.

She was hauling butt, so these shots, the only ones I could get of her, are frame captures taken from the low-resolution video I shot of her racing past our car. So the photos are more than a tad blurry because wild turkeys can really book.

Wild turkeys aren’t anything like the domestic mass-raised turkeys I’ve encountered, who are bred for meat, not brains. Turkeys like this hen are amazingly intelligent, wily and fast-moving birds.

And they’re as delicious as the domestic variety, according to my friends who hunt…

Which reminds me. It seems a little sisterly advice is in order for my brother, the Rev Dawg, when it comes to hunting wild critters for the dinner table.

Sante Fe SUV Meets Bucky the Whitetail Deer

Dawg, bagging a buck with your crossbow and then “bagging” a second deer an hour later with your SUV on the way to the butcher? It’s a little unsporting using your vehicle that way, don’tcha think?

(Glad you didn’t get hurt!)