Fish Thieves? FISH Thieves?!

Yesterday was a really bad bottom feeding scum sucking day. You know it’s bad when the state park’s game warden stopping our car and interrogating us to see if we’re illegally fishing is the BEST part of the day. “Well, officer, unless one of your fish decide to jump 40 ft out of the lake, through the passenger window and into my lap, it’s unlikely that I’m fishing as I’m DISABLED and the shoreline is INACCESSIBLE.” Gahh!

He actually turned out to be a really nice guy and a lot of fun to talk to once he realized that little clues — like the well-worn crutches tucked by my seat in the car and no fishing gear and maybe, just maybe, our total lack of guile and dumbfounded astonishment– backed up our answers… but still, that’s the highlight of my day??


This, btw, is the fourth time in two years that Michael and I have been interrogated by state park rangers or a game warden just for sitting in a designated park area in our car to watch the scenery or wildlife. It is, unfortunately, apparently “suspicious” nowadays to remain in your car and look at things, or take photographs of plants and wildlife from your car.

*double sigh*

Just Call Me Mama Paparazzo

Prairie Bunny in the large economy size

Apparently, bunnies want to get their picture featured in Butter Side Down. They must have a bunny telegraph that they use to let each other know where I am when I have my camera. Or maybe they just text each other. However it is they’re doing it, wherever I go, bunnies find me.

This bunny is not one of “mine.” This bunny hopped out from its hiding spot in the brush to say ‘howdy,’ at a restored prairie area in a county park.

As soon as I saw him, I pointed out that he was supposed be terrified of me, that I was an ogre, that he was wild and people like me are dangerous to bunnies. Do you know what he did?

Of course you know what he did.

He laughed.

Yeah. He did. I’ve got proof. I took his photo. See? Look at this closeup of his fuzzy little face.

Prairie Bunny laughing at me!

He laughed! He did!


Cautious BB the Baby Bunny

Surprise! Surprise! I caught you on camera! This is BB, the baby bunny that Dan rescued from being Rudy’s dinner. She is absolutely adorable — and all rabbit.  Yesterday she mowed down an entire patch of unfenced morning glories in a matter of moments.

Oh, it's just you - BB the Baby Bunny

She’s the boldest of the baby bunnies that are skittering about the yard (I’ve seen at least five different baby rabbits this week). She’s actually so bold that she’s a bit of a nuisance, as she likes to bound back and forth from one clump of daylilies to another right in front of you.  You have to be careful that you don’t accidentally step on her!

Hey, what's that sound? BB the Baby Bunny

She’s also, as you can see, very curious. She really wanted to know what that noise was coming from my direction (it was the camera lens adjusting), but wasn’t quite bold enough to hop closer and see.

Nothing more to see - just let me eat in peace ... BB the Baby Bunny

And, having determined that it’s just me, well, there’s clover to attend to so could I please just run along … nothing more to see … move along … can’t a baby rabbit just eat in peace?

Humans …  Geez!

That’s My Girl!

Nope – no photo, but I’m here to tell you that BB, daughter of James, granddaughter of Stewart, is her daddy and grandpa’s spitting image.

The little squirt ran past me several times this evening, no more than two or three feet away each time.

She was at the front of a congo line composed of: BB (aka Baby Bunny), Half Pint and Half Pint Redux (sibling baby chipmunks). They ran back and forth across the pathway at the side of our house about five times in five seconds, right in front of me, while I stood there and grinned at their antics.

Much as I hate to admit it, it’s nice to have a new bunch of baby bunnies hopping around the yard even though they’re really Dan’s bunnies – after all, he’s the one that MADE me provide a safe harbor for BB… and I’m sure the rest just hopped on over here right after BB. That’s my story… that it’s all Dan’s fault… and I’m sticking to it. For now. Or at least until I come up with a better story that explains why I am blessed with an abundance of hungry bunnies every year!

If BB ever slows down below light speed, I’ll get a new photo of her to share.

Daylily Parade

Daylily Collage

Here’s a peek at the daylilies that were blooming in my gardens today. You’ll also see, on the bottom left, the fuzzy little rump of a medium-sized bumblebee that buried itself in a golden-colored bloom just as I snapped the shot. And on the bottom petal of the lavendar and white daylily, if you look carefully you’ll find a tiny little native bee.

What you can’t see: two baby bunnies and a baby chipmunk that were hiding under the foliage. I tried my best to get photos of them, but boy, are they fast-moving little critters! So: close your eyes, look carefully past the flowers and down deep underneath the leaves and… there! There they are!

Adorable, aren’t they?