Look What The Bunnies Missed!

gorgeous patch of uneaten purple croci

Still coughing, but have some patches where I’m not – and yes, the ribs hurt like hell. However, I’m feeling better enough otherwise to meander about the yard a bit. Found this lovely patch of croci and couldn’t believe it. Usually, the buds last for, oh, two or three hours before the bunnies have them as a snack. James must be slipping – he missed these!

Aren’t they lovely?

Adding Injury to Insult

Still here.

Still fighting the respiratory infection.

Doc M. gave me a good checkout, and says we’ve been able to keep it from turning into pneumonia (yay!) but…

I think I broke a rib (or two) Thursday night from the coughing.

This bug sucks.

Cough Cough Hack Sniffle Wheeeeeeze…

I’m not ignoring blogging, Oh Best Beloved. Just too sick. I acquired a nasty bug that has been most wearisome. Between the coughing, snuffles, wheezing, chills and fevers I’m not doing particularly well.

Add to that the 7-week-long toothache that hasn’t resolved (the dentists haven’t figured out yet what’s going on, as said tooth looks quite happy – but isn’t).


Now would be a good time for organic whiskey to make an appearance in the marketplace.

Need. Honey.  Whiskey.  Lemon Juice. Lots.

I’m going back to bed.