Juan the Baby Bunny looking worried as I stalk him with my camera

Juan, the baby bunny!

This little rascal is very skittish, unlike his parents, Stewart and Petunia. It’s taken me three weeks to get any photos of him at all, as he’s (wisely) quite wary of us. He’s the boldest of his litter, however, which includes only one other bunny at this point. Petunia did have several other babies in this litter, but from what we can tell the female Cooper’s Hawk who has taken up residence nearby has taken quite a toll.

Juan is a flower mowing machine, the most destructive baby bunny we’ve had in years — which is saying a lot! He delights in reaching up as far as he can, whilst standing on his hind legs, to nibble off the tops of flowers. He’s perfectly happy mowing them down from the bottom, side and middle, too, and happily strips the leaves off of plants he doesn’t find tasty, just on general principle as far as I can tell.

I don’t have any photos of his little sister, Hay, yet. We usually see her just as a miniature bunny-colored streak racing from one hiding place to another!


Sometimes… life happens. I’m still here… just having a bit of difficulty using my ‘puter as I’m dealing with a nasty uber-flare of neck and back problems that has lasted over four weeks now. The result: certain activities, like looking at a computer screen, are even more limited than usual.


Bunnies are fine, no good baby bunny photos yet but I took some vid of one noshing down a gladioulus that I’ll share. Lots of other photos and stories to tell…

Back soon. I hope!