The Gift of the Deer

Four Deer Framed By Light and Shadows

Last Sunday we were in just the right place to see three separate deer herds quietly came out from hiding to graze. As they emerged, the setting sun bathed the deer in liquid gold.

Two Deer Framed By A Tree Made of Light

Even the bare trees filled with light, as if glowing from within.

Deer Bathed in Golden Sunlight

The land around us became a living tapestry, with no sound except that of the wind.

Deer Under Pine

I wish each of you, Oh Best Beloved, moments like these.

Heat Wave!

Huge piles of snow in Wisconsin

In case you’re wondering, Oh Best Beloved, yes, we still have snow. This is the view from inside our car, as you look straight out at the snow piled in our front lawn. The streets are piled every bit as as high, making driving an adventure. Especially when you come to corners and can’t see a dang thing. It makes for driving that’s at times… well, stimulating, particularly if you’re into adrenalin rushes and near-death experiences.

The forecast is for 40F temperatures tomorrow.

Whoo Hoo!! The snow’s days are numbered!

The roads were finally clear into one of our favorite state parks yesterday, so we had a chance to watch a gorgeous sunset.

Sundown over frozen Wisconsin lake

The icing on the cake?

Three whitetail deer watching us watch them

Three deer came out to watch, too.

It was wonderful.

A Taste of Spring

If you’re longing for spring, go take a mini garden walk though my updated
Bona Fide Organics
website. To update it for the 2008 gardening season, I added photographs of all sorts of flowers, most of them ones we grew in our gardens.

I’ve been drooling for months over some of stock at organic nurseries that are new to me this year. All I have to do is win the Lotto so I can pay for what I’d like to buy!

Of course, that would mean I have to actually buy a Lotto ticket…

*Judy’s favorite statistics professor from when she studied stats at UW-Madison’s graduate school appears in front of her, clucking, tsking and shaking his head.*

Uh… right. The chances of winning the top prize in the Lotto are less than the chances of getting hit by lightning–and surviving.

Nope. Can’t make myself do it. No Lotto tickets in this gal’s future.