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Tau Topics

Tau Topics

At Tau Topics you'll find popular articles we've written on topics ranging from non-toxic disinfection with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, to our scientific case study on treating toenail fungus with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and a resource to help explain why building safe homes for individuals with toxic injury and MCS is so hard. We even have an article explaining the statistics methodology that's behind determining the accuracy of modern medical tests.

Butter Side Down Blog

Butter Side Down

Join the hundreds of thousands of readers who have visited Judy's Butter Side Down blog to read her "observations from the wrong side of the toast." She muses over everything from moonlight-dancing bunnies to the genetics of racehorses, with regular photo excursions through her organic flower gardens and about the flora and fauna of Wisconsin.

Bona Fide Organics

Bona Fide Organics

At Bona Fide Organics you'll find Judy's comprehensive resource guide to on-line mail-order nurseries that sell organically grown seeds, organic perennials, and organic plants, from herbs to roses, shrubs, bulbs, corms and even organic trees.

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